complex sovereignites

Complex Sovereignties


This is the project website for the SSHRC funded Insight Grant “Complex Sovereignties: Theories and Practices of Indigenous-Self Determination in Settler States and the International System.” Our project offers a cross-national comparative study of the myriad ways that Indigenous peoples have approached advancing self-determination in practice.  

State governments have long claimed absolute political sovereignty over Indigenous lands, institutions, and peoples, claims which have always been subject to contestation by Indigenous Peoples. This project seeks to better conceptualize how Indigenous political actors are enacting their rights to self-determination in new, creative and innovative ways with, within, and across the borders of states, while navigating the international system, in assertive, maximal, innovative, and peaceful ways. Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about our project, researchers and outputs. Also feel free to connect with us through our contact us page or on Twitter